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October 17, 2006

HTMlles Festival


EXPORT 2 Belgrade | Sofia | Istanbul

HTMlles Festival: EXPORT 2 :: October 19-29, 2006 :: Belgrade | Sofia | Istanbul.

From the 19th-29th of October 2006, a program of art works and artists that participated in the 7th edition of the HTMlles festival themed Peripheries + Proximities will travel to 3 cities: Belgrade, Serbia ; Sofia, Bulgaria; and Istanbul, Turkey with the goal of fostering new dialog and collaborations. Through a series of focused encounters, interactive workshops, artists talks, performances and short exhibitions, the traveling Canadian artists and their works will encounter numerous curators, gallerists, cultural operators, local artists and local publics in each of the 3 cities. The touring works will be presented in parallel to programming produced by local partners and translated in English and in the respective local languages. All events are open to the public, including the interactive workshops.

Visit the website for info on participating artists and city schedules:

Participating Artists and Curators include: Chantal Dumas[ca], Michelle Teran[ca], Caroline Martel[ca], Joanna Berzowska[ca/po], Jennifer Willet + Shawn Bailey[ca], Emily Hermant[ca], Andreja Kuluncic[cr], Maja Ciric[sr], Miroslav Karic[sr], Basak Senova[tk], Selda Asal[tk], Anica Vucetic[sr], Zana Poliakov[sr], Natasa Teofilovic[sr], Aleksandra Jovanic[sr],Yofka[bg], Veronika Tzekova[bg], Adelina Popnedeleva[bg], Diana Popova[bg], Greta Gancheva[bg], Leda Ekimova[bg], Nina Boyanova[bg], Yana Kostova[bg], Vladia Mihailova[bg], The Upgrade! Sofia and The Upgrade! Skopje, Ceren Oykut[tk], Ozlem Sulak[tk], Hatice Guleryuz[tk], Bengu Karaduman[tk], Filmmor Women's Cooperative[tk], Ulku Songul[tk], Melek Ozman[tk] and Tuna Erdem[tk].

Events in Belgrade: held at O3one Gallery and Kontekst Gallery: October 19-21.

Events in Sofia: held at the Red House Center for Culture + Debate: October 23-26.

Events in Istanbul: held at Plat Form Garanti Gallery and The Apartment Project: October 27-29.

The HTMlles Festival is an ongoing project of StudioXX, Montreal, Canada's foremost women's digital resource centre, in operation since 1995. The HTMlles Festival, started as an annual event focused on the position of women in cyberspace, has now evolved to become an international biennial project which includes all facets of new media and web art technologies. The Montreal events now stand as a globally-known meeting place for women and feminists working in creative digital mediums and the addition of circulation projects has created an international network for Canadian new media artists.

Following the EXPORT2 tour, the next HTMlles biennial event will be held in October 2007, in Montreal. As a major international event, the HTMlles Festival seeks submissions from international artists and academics and collaborations with international curators, and cultural operators. Visit the website for further details. www.htmlles.net :: www.htmlles.net/08/call.

StudioXX and the HTMlles Festival receive support from numerous governmental and private bodies including : The Canada Council for the Arts, Le Conseil des Arts et des Lettres du Quebec, Heritage Canada, The Municipality of Montreal and The Canadian Embassy in Ankara.

Kyd Campbell, HTMlles Festival Director
contact: info[at]htmlles.net

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