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October 16, 2006



Become a Reviewer

Furtherfield receives regular submissions from artists and groups from all over the world, inviting us to feature and review their projects. We have an excellent team of reviewers working with us at the moment. Yet, because we are receiving more innovative and high quality media artworks from different cultural contexts, than we ever have before, we are finding it hard to keep up. So, now we need even more reviewers.

In November 06, Furtherfield will have a brand new design with new features that enable reviewers to have more control over their own text, images and different formats when reviews are submitted. We welcome contributions from all kinds of writers - but would especially value bi-lingual reviewers who are able to introduce work created by artists in non-English-speaking cultures.

We are also interested in people who understand and know net art, software art, social networks, live net art, live Internet tv, open source, tactical media, art blogs, net films, media art connected- self institutions, psychogeography, activist games, media art related exhibitions online and in spaces, and related conferences.

As a reviewer you will be asked to select from these works and contribute to the context of what is being created and write about why it is relevant. You will also have the option of seeking out and writing about other works that you personally think should be seen on Furtherfield.

If you possess knowledge and enthusiasm for any of these subjects, are able to write and communicate clearly;-) and are interested in being part of a explorative group, that is growing daily as an adventurous community in its own right. And like us, are passionately and critically engaged in investigating the constant shifts and reinvention of the creative, digitally related vista as we know it; we welcome you aboard...

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