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September 29, 2006




Please join us Wednesday 4th October 2006, 7pm @ Regent Studios, Unit 73A, 8 Andrews Road, London E8 4QN for an evening with PORTA2030 and Broadway Market PORTA-PORTERS public review with John Jordan, Ann Light, Gini Simpson moderated by Marina Vishmidt. :: TALK network reality :: PLAY network vision :: for Broadway Market and beyond. There is food to consume and network to share. Come with your doubts, thoughts and affirmation.

In April 2006 media arts group TAKE2030 initiated a week-long networked performative exercise PORTA2030 with 10 porta-porters on Broadway Market. Staged within the connected wifi zone on Broadway Market, the porta-porters, each assigned with a wifi networking porta-pack, take part in a collective communicative scenario.

For this public review session, TAKE2030 brings together the PORTA-PORTERS to reflect back on the April event with the launch of its DVD. We also invite network media researchers and activists to join us for a cross-over discussion on community and performative media practice. We hope to address the realization of PORTA2030's responsive network vision by means of network public art exercise. Furthermore, we question how can the PORTA-net be self-sustainable public network for Broadway Market and beyond toward year 2030.

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