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September 19, 2006

My Favorite Things: The Joy of the Gizmo


Call for papers

Leonardo Music Journal 17 (2007) Call for papers :: My Favorite Things: The Joy of the Gizmo :: If, as Marshall McLuhan so famously suggested, the medium is the message, then the gizmo must be the one-liner. From baroque violinists to laptoppers, sound artists have long fetishized the tools of their trade, the mere naming of which can provoke an instant reaction: Shout "LA-2A," "TR-808," "JTM45" or "Tube Screamer" in a room full of musicians, and you will notice the eyes brighten, the breath shorten and the anecdotes pour forth. But only to a point: Many a "secret weapon" is held close to the chest.

This is the chance to get that secret off your chest: LMJ 17 will address the significance of physical objects in music and sound art in a time of increasing emphasis on software and file exchange. We are soliciting papers (2,000--5,000 words) and briefer artist's statements (500-1,000 words) on the role of purchased or homemade instruments, effect boxes, pieces of studio gear, "bent" toys, self-built circuits, and so on, in your work as a composer, performer, artist, producer, recording engineer, etc. Wherever possible, please include photographs of your subjects (300 ppi TIFFs preferred).

Please submit a brief proposal by 1 October 2006. Final texts and all materials (text, image, sound file) must be received by 1 January 2007. Contact Nicolas Collins ncollins[at]artic.edu with any questions. Finished articles should be sent to the LMJ Editorial Office at lmj[at]leonardo.info.

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