September 14, 2006

Untitled Media


Public Perceptions of New Media Art

In response to the ongoing debate by mainstream art establishments, contemporary art theorists, practitioners and the art going communit - to define what constitutes a New Media Art practice - Untitled Media is an attempt to document and categorise examples of artworks that might, or might not fall into the domain of New Media Art.

The Untitled Media project is a hybrid art research activity that is created at site-specific New Media galleries and events. Consisting of a data collection survey, data collection analysis software and data visualization model - the project collects information on public perceptions of New Media Art. These findings are then made public through a visualised dynamic database. The data base will be added to by running the Untitled Media project at a number of New Media venues to establish the typologies of contemporary New Media Art.

Unlike traditional artworks such as painting or sculptures, New Media Art is often difficult to describe or identify, Untitled Media is a participatory classification system that attempts to define the mutability of contemporary New Media Art, whilst becoming an artwork in itself.

The Untitled Media project is a product of the Reality Co-operative: creative technologists - Ian Gwilt - Elisa Lee - Shigeki Amitani - Adam Hinshaw

Posted by jo at September 14, 2006 06:41 PM