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September 11, 2006

LAb[au] + Frederik De Wilde


EOD02 + 12m4s

LAb[au] is pleased to invite you to the designers week exhibition presenting two installations: EOD02, a new-media installation in collaboration with Frederik De Wilde and 12m4s, an interactive audiovisual installation taking place at the auction-hall of the Palace of Fine Arts ( ...> ) in Brussels [ BE ] in the context of the exhibition Belgian designers of the 21st century, complied by Dirk Meylaerts and Marie Pok.

The exhibition includes works by: Alain Berteau, Bram Boo, Christophe Bourg, Damien Bihr, Benot Deneufbourg, Nathalie Dewez, Herman Wittockx, Hoet design, Dirk Meylaerts, Gauthier Poulain, Lucile Souflet, Sylvain Willenz , Tov Design, LAb[au] and [UR]Design.

12m4s :: The installation '12m4s' is an interactive audiovisual installation representing human flows by generating out of visitors' main parameters (position, orientation and speed) a visual (3d particles) and sonic (granular synthesis) dynamic scape in real-time. To achieve this result, the installation uses two different tracking techniques: firstly, image recognition is used to create spatial sounds (diffused through 8 speakers disposed along the 12m installation) and secondly, ultra-sound sensors are used to create visual echograms of the space (projected as background image along the 12m screen). These different tracked data influence a graphical vector-field

projected on the entire surface of the screen (foreground), where each of its vectors reacts to a visitor's movements while taking his/her orientation. Furthermore, graphical and sonic objects emerge at the point (location) where movement is recognized. Once created, these sonic and graphical elements start to move through the vector field, while trying to find their path.

For example: a visitor is passing by the installation, s/he is followed by a visual and sonic trace, but as soon as s/he changes direction or produces any other movements, s/he creates turbulences. According to this principle, the visitor can even more actively paint with his/her movements a sonic and visual space on the 12m surface, as it open ups to collective interaction.

The result, this 'particle synthesis' is projected on a 'Mylar' screen fusing projection and reflection while building a common space in between the digital and the body space.

EOD02 :: EOD 02 is a collaboration in between Frederik De Wilde and LAb[au]. The project is a new media installation founded on special species of fish that perceive, electro-sense, their environment and communicate with each other by emitting electric signals, either in pulses or waves. The project explores the normal communication mechanisms of electrical fish, including JAR (the means by which a fish avoids attempts by other fish to jam its frequency) and thus investigates communication and non-communication between individual fish as well as between fish and people.

The installation is based on four aquariums of taintless mirror, each presenting a specific composition of fish producing different electric signals. In each aquarium antennas allows capturing the fish signals which are directly related to four speakers transforming these signals into sound, what we hear is the fishs electric signals_ their communications. Further under each aquarium a light bulb is placed pulsing according to the intensity, rhythm, of the emitted signals of the blind fishes. In this manner the electrical impulses of the fishes drive sound and light, an entire audiovisual space.

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