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September 07, 2006

NuArt NuRadio NuTV


Public are Winners Again

Festival of NUART Stavanger, Norway 6th -10th September 2006 :: Nuart has started!! Artists scurry around town and test broadcasts have begun. For a week of festivities C6 are joined by Motherboard, Oslo's veterans of the live wire resistance party plan, The Graffiti Research Lab, electronic graffiti from New York City. R23, audio visual hackers from Barcelona, Tom Carden, space and flow dynamics from London, and for their 2nd farewell gig in twelve months those telepresence rockers Nood, as well as Toby Sparkz and the C6 disaster Unit providing visuals to acts from Numusic.

Contemporary public art practice has become an audienceless affair with application-based works directed purely at those that fund them. While artists and funding bodies are locked in dialogues of mutual gratification the public are the ultimate losers. The creation of alternative platforms for interaction and discussion must subvert these well established pathways and deliver their content to a wider general public.


This year's festival uses a range of alternative media outside of conventional art practice to deliver content in ways that are easily accessible and relevant to our audiences, both actual and virtual. Live events will merge in this cross media remix. Using the town and the numusic festival as its palette, this year's nuart festival feeds its street, visual and nu media events into a multi-layered broadcast. Internet radio will merge nuartist presentations and workshops with numusic concerts and interviews. nuTV streams live acts from the numusic stages online and to your mobile phone, while text messages from the public create narratives in nuart VJ sets.


Calls for walls in Stavanger has born fruit with 9 locations in and around the town being painted by some of the worlds great street artists. Open to the public, these street works will be filmed, cut and fed back onto the numusic stages as visual backdrop for numusic acts.

Using alternative media broadcasting techniques, subversive content is made available to those usually sidelined by a lexicon of fine art nonsense.

Official broadcast programme starts on Thursday 21:00 local time 19:00 GMT+2 with the graffiti crews armed and ready and live audio and video stream broadcasts from the numusic stages. The days nuart events will be remixed and vj'd to accompany the music.


NuRadio can be heard here:

NuTV can be watched here:

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