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September 06, 2006

Silent Sound


Exploration of the Mind's Receptiveness to Suggestion

Silent Sound in Liverpool, U.K. :: PERFORMANCE: THURSDAY 14TH SEPTEMBER :: EXHIBITION: 15TH SEPTEMBER - 26TH NOVEMBER :: Artists Iain Forsyth & Jane Pollard invite you to a uniquely immersive experience which explores the mind's susceptibility to subliminal suggestion.

In 1865 Victorian performers The Davenport Brothers presented a public séance from inside their spirit cabinet on the stage of the Small Concert Hall in St. George's Hall, Liverpool. Unused for over twenty years the Hall will reopen for Silent Sound where the artists will perform on the same stage used by The Davenports. The evening will be introduced by Doctor of Parapsychology Ciarn O'Keeffe and will debut a specially commissioned original score written and performed by Jason Pierce of the band Spiritualized.

The performance takes place during the Liverpool Biennial on Thursday 14th September 2006. For more information regarding obtaining tickets for the performance please email: tickets[at]silentsound.info.

From Friday 15th September Silent Sound will feature in the inaugural programme at Greenland Street, A Foundation's major new contemporary art space - three former industrial buildings in the heart of Liverpool's Baltic Triangle which have been transformed into one of the largest and most challenging exhibition spaces for contemporary art in the country.

An ambisonic audio recording of the live performance created in collaboration with Arup Acoustics will be incorporated into a large-scale immersive installation specifically created by the artists to continue the event's exploration of the mind's potential receptiveness to suggestion. The recording will be reproduced in the installation to three-dimensionally reproduce the sound as it was actually heard in St. George's Hall.

A limited edition signed and numbered Compact Disc recording will be available from Monday 18th September, with a DVD documentary to follow in 2007. All graphic design for the project has been executed by Chris Bigg and Vaughan Oliver at v23.

More information: http://www.silentsound.info

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