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September 05, 2006

Spur McGuffin: 069recorded


Call for Submissions

069recorded welcomes submissions for its inaugural issue on the theme of Disruptive 069recording series. We seek examples of new thinking and practice that overturn and/or reassess existing performance technology praxis. Submissions may be presented as papers, reviews, audio, visuals (stills / video) and code. Authors may use multiple formats in a single submission. mailto: spur[at] various-euro.com

SPUR MCGUFFIN is http://069recorded.de/ Consisting of major internet-based sound installations and a program of commissioned works for distinct sound stations in the web, Spur McGuffin explores the real and imagined remnants of human presence in autopoiesis. Spur McGuffin was one of the first artist-groups worldwide to use the possibilities of interactive media and especially of the internet in their work. Performances and lectures in art galleries, universities and museums are equally important as performances at media festivals and in the clubscene.

069recorded is a communication laboratory that works on political language. To do so 069recorded have use, also the hacking way, destructuring words and languages, mixing and matching situations and concept and practices; for reinventing the political language and for being more incisive on a vast level of communication. 069recorded was the first recorder managed by women in Germany (in an independent social center in Frankfurt), but it is also a hyper-place scattered with links, a circuit with which to inract that brings to other circuits. A place where sexuality is central cause, it is the zero degree of connection's desire. In the gender, beyond the gender. The 069recorded women use a collective name: "069recorded". Expressing the desire to shut down with the need of auto -- agency.

Posted by jo at September 5, 2006 08:53 AM