September 04, 2006



Seminars, Installations, Performances...

:: SPECIES OF SPACES, mukul @ CEPT School of Architecture, AHMEDABAD (IN) 22nd July-7th August, 2006 :: Seminar at the School of Architecture, CEPT, Ahmedabad, India. Mukul leads 32 hrs of exploration for the students and faculty on art, politics, and technology as refracted through concepts (and metaphors) of space. Some areas of focus are the potentials of, and restrictions laid upon, digital networked space; the circumscribing of public space in urban zones; mediaspace (including pervasive/locative media and tactical approaches); activism and dissent; art outside the gallery walls; the body and movement; and acoustic space. A lab component explores systems- and process-based approaches to sound in space from the 1960s. The seminar is now over and student works will be documented online.

:: AMBIENT.LOUNGE, ambientTV.NET @ NTT InterCommunicationCenter, TOKYO (J) from 15th September 2006 :: ambient.lounge: The exhibition 'Connecting Worlds' marks the reopening of the NTT ICC in Tokyo. ambientTV.NET creates the ambient.lounge as a space to browse works, relax, connect, reflect, dream, and snack on wild pixels and grains of sound. As well as showcasing our own work, we have invited guest artist Juha Huuskonen to present The Moment of Long Now.

We created an ambient.lounge as part of our VBI (Voluptuously Blinking Eye) lab at this year's Rotterdam Film Festival. A short video documenting VBI (and featuring Lektrolab, irational.org, Rachel Baker, Tina Hage and Juha Huuskonen) is now online in the download section.

:: WHO WATCHES THE WATCHMEN?, Manu Luksch @ servus Clubraum, LINZ (AT) 21st Sept 2006, 7 pm :: presentation & screening of recent works making use of security and surveillance technology. servus Clubraum, Kirchengasse 4, Linz (AT).

:: IST (Indian Standard Time) - NEW CLOCKS FOR THE CITY, mukul @ Lille3000, LILLE (FR) 14th Oct 2006 - 14 Jan 2007 :: For the Lille 3000 festival, mukul is making idiosyncratic clocks that will be installed inserted in strategic places, including the metro system. The festival opens on 14th October and features a very wide of works performances that engage with the idea of India. Check back online over the next months for updates.

::ORCHESTRA OF ANXIETY, Manu Luksch and mukul @ databodies, AMSTERDAM (NL) 26th of October, 2006 :: The Orchestra of Anxiety is a collection of musical instruments that use materials and technologies from the security and surveillance industries in their construction. The first realized instrument, a harp with strings made of razor wire, will be on show in Amsterdam (NL), during databodies, on 26th of October, 2006.

:: Manu Luksch @ No Man's Land, Womanifesto, ONLINE Oct 2006 :: No Man's Land invites 65 participants internationally to present works online addressing the territorially imagined line of the border, its powers of inclusion and exclusion, and its ability to simultaneously promote both unity and conflict. The project will develop gradually as the invited participants upload their work. No Man's Land is part of Womanifesto 2006 (Bangkok, TH), curated by Varsh Nair and Katherine Olston.

Participants: Yoshiko Shimada, Barbara Lattanzi, Renata Poljak, Tejal Shah, Phaptawan Suwannakudt, Terry Berkowitz, Kai Kaljo, Dragana Zarevac, Roland Bergere, Manit Sriwanichpom, Susanne Ahner, Pisithpong Siraphisut, Patricia Reed, Mella Jaarsma, Mideo Cruz, Mona Burr, Manu Luksch/Ambient TV.NET, Karla Sachse, Martin Zet, Wen Yau, Traci Tullius,Tintin Cooper, Jerome Ming, Estelle Cohenny-Vallier, Katherine Olston, Pinaree Sanpitak, Sutee Kunavichayananda, Lawan Jirasuradej, Sara Haq, Karen Demavivas, Nigel Helyer, Nilofar Akmut, Andrew Burrell, Pamela Lofts, Beatriz Albuquerque, Kirsten Justesen, Maryrose Mendoza, Hsu Su-Chen, Michael Bielicky, thingsmatter, Arahmaiani, Kate Stannard, Judy Freya Sibayan, Chaw Ei Thein, John Hopkins, Farida Batool, Baiju Parthan, Liliane Zumkemi, Noor Effendy Ibrahim, Tamara Moyzes, Ana Bilankov, Chakkrit Chimnok, Suzann Victor, Marketa Bankova, Sue Hajdu, Jim Previtt, Keiko Sei, Suvita Charanwong, Noraset Vaisayakul, Konrad, Reiko Kammer, Silvia Pastore, Felipe, Chitra Ganesh, Varsha Nair.

About ambientTV

ambientTV.NET is a crucible for independent, interdisciplinary practice ranging from installation and performance, through documentary, dance, and gastronomy, to sound and video composition and real-time manipulation. Techniques and effects of live data broadcasting and transmission provide theme, medium, and performative space for many of the works.


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