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September 01, 2006

Bring Your Own Voice Museum Tour


Halsey Burgund @ P.S.1

It's like a directed Speaker's Corner run by Le Tigre...only as interesting as the participants AND editor - PJ

WHEN: Sunday, September 17th, 12–6 PM :: WHERE: P.S.1 Contemporary Art Center, 22-25 Jackson Ave, Long Island City, NY :: Musician, Halsey Burgund, will bring his portable recording booth to P.S.1 Contemporary Art Center on September 17th as part of his Bring Your Own Voice Museum Tour. The tour will take Burgund to a number of art museums in the northeast where he will ask interested participants to voice their opinions about art and museums while being recorded. He will then use these recordings as raw material for original music.

Burgund is specifically targeting art museums on this tour because he wants to explore questions about art and museums and their respective roles in individual’s lives as well as in our current society. He will pose questions to participants that are designed to elicit honest responses about why they are at the museum currently, what they think about specific pieces at P.S.1, and what our society would be like without art and institutions to promote the arts.

Upon completion of the tour, Burgund will take the diverse set of thoughts and opinions he gathers in New York, and - along with collections from other museums - will compose original music representing a collective, yet highly personal, view of art and museums today. The notion of creating music out of everyday expressions not normally considered musical is the cornerstone of Burgund’s approach to composition. He is interested in the spoken voice not only as a kind of instrument (the tonalities, rhythms, unintended melodies etc), but also as a method of communicating personal experiences and opinions.

News via: PS1.org

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