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August 16, 2006

mur.at NetWorkArt Contest „net_sight“ 2006


call for submissions

Idea: Since 1998 mur.at has been working on a virtual NetSculpture which is constantly growing and branching out. This widely ramified Net – the leased line net – offers a democratic and unbureaucratic access to new communication and information technologies to people engaged in the artistic and cultural sector in the area of Graz apart from e-business and e-commerce. The NetNodeSculpture includes an infrastructure which allows continuous work of art organisations and people engaged in the cultural sector.

In order to be able to experience the virtual space in real public space, mur.at initiates a contest for making this virtual sculpture - which is spread over Graz like a network - visible for all.

Target of the contest: For the promotion of NetArt and NetCulture mur.at offers the possibility to deal with the community in an artistic way and to implement the winning project. The virtual sculpture will be transferred to a tangible space in order to be visible also as real locality. Therewith the virtual sculpture becomes a sculpture that can be conceived with all senses in the public space of Graz. The sculpture shall be developed and implemented in various media.

Desired form of submitted projects: desired are...

..artistic projects, which refer and use the contents and infrastructure of mur.at, the nodes and/or the mur.at-community.

..artistic projects which excel at using unconventional ideas of „Visualization“.

..unrealised projects from the various areas of art; projects which deal with the subject of a NetSculpture. This can be projected in form of media- and space- installations, sound projects, memorial tablets, photo or video projects, as long as it appears meaningful with regard to the subject. The expression „Visualization“ shall be considered a metaphor and the type of realisation shall not be limited to a specific medium.

Prize money/Implementation

First prize: The project which is ranked first by the jury will be implemented from December 2006 to end of May 2007. The budget for the implementation (incl. remuneration) is € 10.000,-. The project will be showcased during a ceremony.

Appreciation prize: The most innovative, but not realizable project will be awarded with an appreciation prize amounting to € 300,-.

Exposition: During an exposition opening on December 1, 2006, the 10 best projects will be presented to the public. The budget for the presentation of the concepts is € 200,- each, whereas the form of presentation (choice of media, etc.) is up to the presenters.

There is no splitting of the prizes.

Jury: Members of the Jury:

1 representative of the mur.at team: Johannes Zmölnig: financial treasurer of the mur.at executive committee; artistic-scientific assistant at IEM (Institute for Electronic Music) (Graz, A).

1 representative of the nodes: Reni Hofmüller: media artist and artistic director of ESC im labor (Graz, A).

1 vote of the mur.at-community: every mur.at member has the right to vote. The resulting ranking counts as the community-vote.

Katharina Gsöllpointner: Culture- and mediatheorist (Vienna, A) (to be confirmed).

Inke Arns: Artistic director of hartware medien kunst verein Dortmund. Since 1993 free curator and author with focus on MediaArt, NetCultures, Eastern Europe (Dortmund, Ger) (to be confirmed).

The meeting of the jury is open to the public.

When: Friday, November 3, 2006 at 10:00 hrs
Where: mur.at, Leitnergasse 7, A-8010 Graz


The Call for submissions is open to the general public. The target group consists of people engaged in the artistic and cultural sector with the focus on the community of mur.at. There are no limits of age, education or nationality of the submitting persons.

Please note

Final date for submission is October 15, 2006. The submission may only be made online by filling out the submission form.

All informations for the submission at http://mur.at/verein/net_sight

In addition to the personal data (not visible for the jury), please upload (in pdf format) an abstract (max. 3000 characters) as well as a detailed project description incl. a rough estimate of cost and a time scedule (Attention: only one pdf-file can be uploaded). The submitted projects may not exceed a cost frame of € 10.000,-. Any maintenance activities of the projects must be included in the cost estimate.

Due to the fact that the submitted projects will be handled anonymously, please do not mention names nor logos in the project descriptions. We can only accept submissions which are complete and made anonymous.

We do not assume any liability for the submitted concepts. In case of a refusal of a project, its authors are not entitled to raise any claims upon mur.at or persons acting on behalf of mur.at. mur.at reserves the right to use the submitted material for the purpose of documentation.


The winners (first prize, appreciation prize, the 10 best projects) will be informed about the results by e-mail until November 10, 2006. In their own interest, the participants in the contest shall strive to be reachable at the e-mail address contained in the submission form during the whole period of notification.

Awards Ceremony/Presentation

When: December 1, 2006 at 19:00 hrs
Where: to be defined

The awards ceremony of the contest will be held on December 1, 2006 during the exposition of the 10 best project concepts. The artists are not obliged to present their concepts. The winners (first prize, appreciation prize) commit to personally receive the prizes and present their projects during the exposition. Groups and institutions are requested to nominate one or max. two representatives. Any travel expenses of the winners for the journey to the exposition / presentation will be compensated by mur.at (train: 2nd class; plane: economy class).

The implementation budget and the remuneration for the best project are dedicated to its implementation. mur.at assists in the whole period of implementation and reserves the right to ask for a proof of the adequate utilization of the prize money.


It is the intention of mur.at to document the entire contest (incl. all submitted concepts and the finally implemented project) in an online archive.


For general questions please contact:
Andrea Schlemmer (Project Coordinator)
mur.at, Verein zur Förderung von Netzwerkkunst
Leitnergasse 7, A-8010 Graz
tel: ++43/316/82 14 51 ext. 26
cell: ++43/699/126 05 795
fax: ++43/316/82 14 51 ext. 26
e-mail: andrea_at_mur.at (Subject: „net_sight“)

For technical questions please contact the noc-team:
Monday to Friday from 10:00 to 16:00 hrs.
tel: ++43/316/82 14 51 ext. 55
e-mail: noc_at_mur.at (Subject: „net_sight“)

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