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August 11, 2006

at ISEA: tech goes retro


the power of paper

During ZeroOne San Jose, the Cellular Memory project enables you to listen to a short, recorded message describing various artworks in the fesitval. Call 888.411.0106 and enter the corresponding three-digit code from this list to hear a description of various works.

The project was nowhere to be found on the ISEA site and the introductory comments on the recording suggested that perhaps stickers or other visual markers can be encountered around the city directing one to call for info. I didn't spot any but happened upon a sheet of paper describing the project and listing codes - technologically quaint by comparison, perhaps, but oh so effective at info dissemination!

These are perhaps the perks of being in attendance - on the reverse of the sheet, a second mobile phone project: the People's Choice Award. "Vote with your cell phone for your favorite artwork...for the most challenging, provocative or entertaining artwork". American Idol meets emerging tech art. The winner receives $2500 from the City of San Jose. Not bad. But can multiple votes be cast?....

SMS contest voting aside, this listing proved to be the best information design as it grouped all artworks and artists by venue. A handy referrent in an immersive swarm of distributed sensory input.

Posted by michelle at August 11, 2006 03:06 AM