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July 28, 2006



Responsive Architecture + Organism

Wald-Forest by Chris Ziegler :: a forest is both an architecture and also a organism. Forests are areas outside of civilization and human culture, ambivalent places of fears and inspiring fantasies. Wald-Forest is an interactive installation, a performance environment for dance, light, electronic sound and life piano. Neon lamps, hung in a matrix of 16 - 64 units, create a forest-like interactive matrix of light emmitting objects.

The installation is designed to be a light-architecture and also a responisve, digital organism. Moving in it can be as simple and playful as a shadowplay, but there is also disorientation in a matrix of light objects. The indeterminacy of places like this is most interesting to us. Wald-Forest's interactive light and surround sound architecture is related to the movement parameters of the dancer / the audience. The motion tracking parameters are: position and speed of movement.

Wald-Forest defines performative zones by light, shadow and sound. The performer / audience shapes and alters performative acoustic and light - zones by his own movement in realtime. In the live performance we will develop a duet for piano and dance. Real time notation instructions will be sent to the piano player according the dancer‘s movements patterns in space. Composed music parts will interact with algorithms of interactive sound.

concept, director: Chris Ziegler (D)
dance: Christine Bürkle (D)
music: Sandeep Bhagwati (D/IND)
prepared piano: Ernst Surberg (D)

Wald-Forest will be perfomed at Pas de Deux - Dance and New Media Performances, workshops, filmscreenings and interactive installation :: July 29-30 :: Edith Russ Site for Media Art :: Chris Ziegler will be on site for a talk.

The Edith Russ Site for Media Art, the Association for Youth Culture Engagement and the Kulturetage Oldenburg present a series of events which broach the issue of dance and new media. From 28 July until 6 August well known dancers, choreographers and dance companies as well as media artists will give a guest performance. The events will take place at the Edith Russ Site for Media Art and at the Kulturetage Oldenburg. Furthermore workshops will be offered in order to give an impression about dance and new media and to make first experience with "digital dance".

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