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July 26, 2006



How is it possible to make a political change?

Concerned to cause a shift to a more collective mode of cultural production, fully embracing Foucault´s critique of the author's name in favour of collective authorship, Makearevolution* is a project that invites everyone to post revolutionary statements, and to share their major concerns about culture, global/local geo-politics, power, labor, environment, post-social issues, etc. The objective is to explore the relationships between contemporary art and current cultural and political trends. It will focus on revolution as a pervasive cultural phenomenon and explore connections between the art system and revolutionary ideology.

Makearevolution* will deal with themes related on different levels, be they social, political or aesthetic, and in this way address current democratic discussions. Key questions are how forms of revolution have historically been propagating or reacting against discourses of modernity, and how a high level of stylistic and "aesthetic" consciousness is central to revolutionary movements' quest for mass appeal.

Makearevolution* is an ongoing and mobile project that can be presented in different nonprofit art and non-art spaces. This structure is ready to put in practice revolutionary ideas and ideals near you. invitations from all over the world are accepted in order to build and develop revolutions near you. For more info, please contact makearevolution.net at info[at]makearevolution.net.

Posted by luis at July 26, 2006 12:52 PM