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July 26, 2006



A Bipolar Performance

Flüux:/terminal is a bipolar performance that skoltz_kolgen have named diptyque rétinal . As in all Of their work, here their research has established a point of contact between sound and image. But Flüux:/terminal pushes the dialogue between these two elements one step further: their performance Creates a dramatic tra jectory, fuelled by the panoramic tensions (left/right) between hearing and seeing.

Flüux:/terminal projects images on two screens, in a parallel visual body of luminous particles_ photographed or filmed images and wire frame displays. As stereophonic visual representations, the two screens are the alter egos Of the audio, which is also divided in two. The sound sources (left/right) are desynchronized and propelled into separate channels: the left-hand channel excites the left-hand image; the right-hand channel excites the right-hand Image. The image is distorted, bearing the marks that the sound imprints upon it, and becomes the fossil of the sound.

A bipolar experience is therefore built by catalyzing the lines of tension between two Independent but related audio and visual worlds. Their dissociation in one instance and their synchrony or symmetry in another establish space–times that fairly float in weightlessness. These suspended moments are succeeded by fresh charges of energy that are massive and intense. A new generation of meaning escapes: attraction and repulsion, interdependence at times, followed by struggle and conflict at others.

Flüux:/terminal is a living performance that evolves each time it is presented. In the same evolutionary S p i r i t , The flüux:/terminal album transposes the performance in another environment. Skoltz_kolgen give the audio CD a life Of its own while reprising textures and sound microfragments from the performance and reconfiguring them, stripped of their visual aids. The result is more musical and minimalist, venturing beyond the raw, polarized qualities of the performance.

Flüux:/terminal will be performed at RECOMBINANT MEDIA LABS, San Francisco on Wednesday August 16th & Thursday August 17th at 8:30 pm. Cost: $15.

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