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July 13, 2006

SoundWalk 2006


Call for Proposals

Taking place within the Arts District of Downtown Long Beach, SoundWalk is an annual art event, produced by the Long Beach artist group, FLOOD. During this, our third year, in addition to the main sound installation-based event on Saturday, we will offer an extra evening of performances on Friday. The sound installations will encompass a wide range of work that will integrate visual and aural elements. Included will be sculptures, environments and installations, both interactive and passive. It is the variety of work that makes this event memorable for all who participate as well as for those who attend.

"The initial impetus for SoundWalk arose from a certain ennui with the physical environment in which we function on a daily basis. Thus a question was born out of the experience of sameness with a familiar environment spawning numerous more questions. How could we make this interesting? What would make this place different? How could a change be challenging to the residents and visitors to this area? What if it sounded differently than it does?..." From Notes on SoundWalk by Frauke von der Horst

Application Deadline: August 5th
Application Fee: None

Submission requirements:

:: Resume
:: Artist Statement
:: Up to two (2) proposals or examples of previous work with:
o Sound clips (.wav, mp3 or .aiff)
o Images (hi-rez)
o Accompanying text / description

(Please indicate which previous works are available for this year’s event.) *All submissions will be reviewed and accepted by an academic and artistic panel selected by FLOOD.

Please send all submission information in digital form to: submissions[at]soundwalk.org

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