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July 06, 2006



Constructing Reconfigurable Space

As a continuation of (Ruairi Glynn's) research into physically reconfigurable interactive architecture, the Angel project which I collaborated on with Paul Burres (Bartlett, UCL) investigates ways of constructing intelligent agents that can work as independent spatial features or combine to assemble virtually infinite constructs. The ‘Angel' project questions the nature of fixed architecture and looks at the possibilities of an architecture lighter than air capable of sheltering us and even bringing communities together.

The first built iteration of these ‘Angels' has been given a simple set of behaviors reacting to human gesture, proximity and conversation, future iterations will investigate learning algorithms so that the Angels can adapt to their environment. In its current form the “Angels” act as individuals but the potential for these to structurally network is a continuing part of our investigation.


Development: The initial concept developed from a building study in which we created a conversation space that could transform its spatial conditions reacting to a set of protocols based on inhabitant’s discourse. The constantly reconfiguring space was actuated by a series of agents that could descend, rise, approach and retreat from the people within the space as well as articulating a range of behaviors “Gestures” in an attempt to act as catalysts for the generation of new conversation and interaction...

Video. Project Summary PDF (1.6Mb); Details of Project Development PDF (3.3Mb); [via Interactive Architecture]

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