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June 28, 2006

Aspect - the Chronicle of New Media Volume VII:


Personas and Personalities

Now Available from Microcinema DVD: Aspect - the Chronicle of New Media Volume VII: Personas and Personalities

This volume of ASPECT features artists working with issues of identity and personality. For some, a constructed identity is an opportunity to explore personal or cultural issues of gender, accountability and culpability. Other artists make their own personality an integral part of their work and process. All the works in this issue examine the role of personal psychology in how we interact with others and our surroundings on an everyday basis. We are thrilled by the quality and diversity of work in this issue, and with the diverse ways in which the artists and commentators interpreted our open call. Enjoy.

Included in this issue: CARIANACARIANNE: Bequeaths, Oaths of Signature with audio commentary by Julie Rodrigues Widholm :: ANTHONY GOICOLEA: Tea Party with audio commentary by Terri Smith :: SACHIKO HAYASHI: Boop-opp-A-Doop with audio commentary by Nicholas Economos :: LYNN HERSHMAN: Becoming Roberta, DiNA with audio commentary by Claudia Hart :: CHRISTIAN JANKOWSKI: The Day We Met with audio commentary by Bill Arning :: ERIK LEVINE: More Man with audio commentary by Elizabeth Smith ::

KRISTIN LUCAS: Involuntary Reception with audio commentary by Marcia Tanner :: JILL MAGID: Evidence Locker with audio commentary by Jelle Bouwhuis :: THE YES MEN: Dow with audio commentary by Marisa Olson :: ADRIANNE WORTZEL: The Veils of Transference with audio commentary by Christiane Paul.

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