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June 15, 2006

Haque Design + Research



1. Configurable T-shirt (an experiment to make a low tech 'open' system...)

The Configurable T-shirt, on sale in Japan, enables the wearer to configure the design on the front of the shirt. A matrix of hexagonal pixels is provided that can be coloured in with a black permanent pen in order to turn them "off". Designed for the T-1 World Cup competition, which came about because I couldn't decide on a country to support in the World cup.... available for one month only here; a web interface for prototyping and sharing t-shirt designs is available here.

2. Talks in Tokyo, June 17 and 21

If you are near Tokyo in the next week, drop by and say hello... I will be at NTT ICC's "Open Creation" symposium on June 17 and the Device Art Symposium, Crossfield UDX on June 21.

3. Exhibition in São Paulo, Brazil

Evolving Sonic Environment (a spatialised neural net project with Rob Davis) will be part of Emoção Art.ficial 3.0 - Interface Cibernética, São Paulo, Brazil, July 19 to September 24, 2006. We will also have a panel discussion on Gordon Pask's immense contribution to the design of authentically interactive systems.

4. Wifi camera obscura

An experiment with Aether Architecture and Bengt Sjölén to reveal the electromagnetic "view" of 2.4GHz (that analogises the way that a traditional camera obscura works with visible light in order to reveal the ways that wifi may "illuminate" a space) will appear at Waves, RIXC, Latvia, August 24-September 17, 2006. Details to come later.

5. Open Burble

A new project to be launched for the opening of the Singapore Biennale in September 2006. Details to come, but for the moment imagine Sky Ear only BIGGER!

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