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June 13, 2006




EJECT: FIRST INTERNATIONAL VIDEOPERFORMANCE FESTIVAL OF MEXICO CITY - All artists of any discipline will be able to participate with a piece of video-performance or performance registration (documentation) whose duration be not longer than 10 minutes.

Deadline: June 24, 2006. In order to encourage the use of video as a support to create performance pieces, the National Council for the Arts through the National Institute of Fine Arts, Ex Teresa Arte Actual, CENART's Multimedia Center and P3RFORM4NC3 call to artists and groups dedicated to performance and others disciplines to participate.

- The works should be delivered in an envelope closed and lettered as follows: EJECT FIRST INTERNATIONAL VIDEOPERFORMANCE FESTIVAL OF MEXICO CITY. Address: Ex Teresa Arte Actual. Lic. Verdad no. 8, Col. Centro, C.P. 06060, México D.F. The projects sending by express post-delivery should be lettered with the legend: “WITHOUT COMMERCIAL VALUE – FOR CULTURAL END ONLY”.

- Only pieces presented in VHS, VCD, DVD or MiniDV format will be accepted.

- An envelope with the following printed information should be enclosed: title, name of the artist or group, telephone, e-mail and post address, brief resume of the artist or group and brief video description. For the case of performance documentation the performance date is required too (date, place, festival, credits of camera, etc.)

- The reception deadline will be June 24th, 2006. The works sent by ail or express delivery only will be accepted according of postmark date.

- The members of the jury (3 Well-known Mexican artists) will select 25 videos having image quality and proposal originality as criteria. Their failure will be unappealable.

- Videos selected will integrate EJECT, First International Videoperformance Festival of Mexico City which will be celebrated from 2nd to 4th of August at ExTeresa Arte Actual and from 9th to 11th of August at CENART's Multimedia Center. All those whose pieces would had been selected will be inform by email and after the festival a videobrouchure would be delivered that will include all
selected pieces and a participation diploma too. Also, selected pieces will be exhibited in diverse electronic media.

- The selected pieces will not be returned. The Documentation Center of Ex Teresa Arte Actual will select pieces of its interest in order to integrate them in it. For protection, remainder works will be destroyed for which is recommended to register author’s rights in all cases.

- This festival is done without profit interests for which the organizers will not take charge of expenses that could be generated for artists and groups participation (transportation, lodging, honoraries neither postage and delivery expenses).

- Any case not established in this document, most be presented to the jury in order to get a resolution.

For more information please contact
Pancho Lopez
EJECT curator and organizer
Phones: + 52 55 5522 9093 / +52 55 5522 2721
Email: p3rform4nc3 at hotmail.com
Website: www.p3rform4nc3.com

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