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June 13, 2006



Assigning URLS Locations in the Physical World

Geotagthings--by Julian Bleecker and Will Carter--is a simple way to assign any web resource — anything with a URL - a location in the normal, human physical world. The Internet and other networks are very rapidly spilling out into the physical world. Whether you call it pervasive networks, ubiquitous computing or the geospatial web, one can easily anticipate that the networks need geographic semantics. In the physical world, location means more than a uniform resource locators (URLs). In the physical world, the data that is sluicing around also needs to know where it is according to an additional set of geographic information, such as latitude / longitude, or relative location to canonical landmarks, or simply the town or city in which that previously non- geotagged data has relevance.

Geotagthings is an important component of the larger toolkit of collaborative mapping projects. It provides a bottom-up resource for networked public contributions to mapping the web and making web resources "findable" and relevant to activities in the physical world. Geotagthings is pluggable. It's not a destination, nor a community site. It's meant to be used by destinations and community sites, or simply while going about your business, surfing the web. [via pasta and vinegar]

Posted by jo at June 13, 2006 12:19 PM