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June 13, 2006



Paula Levine

"...Shadows from another is a series of hypothetical mappings, both web based and site specific, that use Global Positioning Satellites to imagine the impact of political or cultural changes that takes place in one location, upon another. Collapsing what is ‘foreign’ and what is ‘domestic,’ these hybrid spaces are new territories, redefined through new border or land configurations.

The longitude and latitude of each bombsite in San Francisco is marked using a GPS device, the same technology used by the military to target sites in Baghdad, Iraq. These sites are mapped, chronicled and documented with photographs, showing what currently exists at these locations. The series offers variations on the impact of political or cultural traumas, such as wars, shifts in borders and boundaries as the transposed spaces collapse the safety of distance and allow distant and foreign events to be translated and experienced on local ground." From New and Recent Art by Paula Levine, newmediaFIX.

Posted by jo at June 13, 2006 11:05 AM