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June 12, 2006

Drew Hemment


Last Night An Arphid Saved My Life

"...What can we learn from the fact that this experiment in introducing a controversial new technology took place in such an unlikely location? It is happening amongst people who have a proven appetite for playing with the limits of their natural bodies, but beneath the radar of the technology's natural critics, a world away from the cultural institutions that play host to the likes of Orlan and Stelarc.

Baja Beach Club is not a place where new cultural movements are born, not even the kind of dark crevice where things grow. This may be less to do with marketing the instruments of 'control' as fashion, more about sowing a seed with a wider market in mind. Once a technology is out there, a fact of every day life, it is near impossible to roll it back. In Baja's case it is more a case of perception than the facts on the ground. If there is a war going on, you will not find it in Barcelona. Instead it is being fought in the column inches of the international papers and blogs that gave the story oxygen..." From Last Night An Arphid Saved My Life by Drew Hemment.

The implications of RFID will be explored at an international conference in Manchester UK on July 21-22 organised by Futuresonic in association with PLAN - The Pervasive and Locative Arts Network.

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