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June 13, 2006



In Second Life, Too

The video blog conference under the name of vloggercon was held in San Francisco on June 10 & 11. Because the event was sold out, it also took place in Second Life. The location was the Hipcast Conference Center at the Shalida sim. Video.

VLOGGERCON 2006 is the intersection between media-makers and technology. A space for dialog and interaction. Of creation and collaboration. A media village born on the internet, and making camp for one weekend in San Francisco. In the past year, videoblogging has grown into a myriad of forms with a worldwide voice. And your voice is needed at Vloggercon– after all, the media is being made by you so it’s your voice that we want to hear! Vloggercon is a two-day collection of roundtable discussions about the emergence and the future of this new medium; not a series of lec-tures. (via Tao Takashi and unmediated]

Posted by jo at June 13, 2006 08:23 AM