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June 08, 2006

V1B3: Video in the Built Environment


Call for Participation

V1B3 is requesting submissions of short videos* that in the broadest terms possible, explore public space though human interaction, intervention and the mechanisms that influence and control the experience of the city.

V1B3 is an international curatorial project that aims to present video art that responds to the conditions of site specificity and a public viewer-ship. Urban planners and architects are used to shaping cities by means of infrastructure, zoning and buildings. However, other modes of intervention exist that are capable of influencing the development of a city. Communicative media interventions can transform public spaces.

V1B3 Summer06 will be presented in conjunction with the University Film and Video Association conference, sponsored by Chapman University in Orange, California. The US screening will occur during the UFVA conference [August 1ST-5th] in Orange, CA. The UK screening will be held at the London Study Center.

V1B3 Summer06 will have a companion DVD developed for publication and purchase.

July 7th DEADLINE: Application can be found at http://www.v1b3.com

US Contact:
Mat Rappaport
1511 North Astor St
Milwaukee, WI USA

Sceenings Will be August 1st – 5th

* up to 2 minutes in duration. Works longer than 3 minutes will not be considered.

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