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June 08, 2006



Call For Submissions

The Images Festival annually exhibits a selection of new media art and Live Images as part of the festival. Images works with several Toronto galleries, production centres and other alternative exhibition spaces to show artworks incorporating the moving image and interactive media, music and performance.

Among the artists whose live performances and new media works have been featured in past festivals: Tom Verlaine, Aki Onda, Daniel Barrow, Susie Ibarra + Lori Freedman, mpld, Willy Le Maitre, Hop-FU. The Shalabi Effect, Bruce McClure, Zoe Beloff, Semiconductor, Michael Brynntrup, Bob Ostertag + Pierre Hébert, the presstapes, Saint Dirt Elementary School, GUH, People Like Us, Instant Places, badpacket…

DATES: Deadline for receipt of entries: Early deadline: 30 June 2006; Late deadline: 30 August 2006. The 20th annual Images Festival runs April 5-14, 2007 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Submission results will be sent out by mail or email in late January, 2007.

Posted by jo at June 8, 2006 08:02 AM