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May 16, 2006



WiFi Rabbit Opera -Flash Mob

Regine pointed me on this cool event: a opera for nabaztag at the Web Flash Festival on May 27th. It’s a kind of flash mob with communicating artifacts: 100 Nabzatags (Wifi rabbits) brought by their owners will play an opera created by Antoine Schmitt et Jean-Jacques Birgé at the Centre Pompidou in Paris. [blogged by nicolas on pasta and vinegar] [Related]

Google Translation of text [French to English]: The technical constraints are sometimes determining to compose. Thus the Nabaztag rabbits which will be present on the scene of the Web Flash Festival on May 27 are unable to play together in a synchronous way, they shift over one 10 seconds duration. It is enormous, since if we send only one note in wi-fi to them the result will be 100 repetitions of this played note on average all the tenths of a second, like a tremor of mandoline!

We obtain effects interesting of Brownian movements, magmats moving of small crystalline notes, the stamp chosen for the first movement being the ordinary one of Nabaztag, a kind of glockenspiel. To send a melody to the format midday will thus produce effects of agreements changing slowly with the liking of the intervals height and duration. But our rabbits have their own behavior and can choose between such or such file midday. Option of which we will use briskly in the second movement to constitute a succession of agreements more or less consonants starting from monodic melodies, this time made up of long notes. Long random agreements thus succeed the first movement whose irritated bunches alternate with silences where the only sound comes from the choreography of ears of the pack.

For the third movement, we plan to reproduce extracts of works of classical music, completely transformed by the effect of dephasing of the system. The passages selected by our care, but whose 100 rabbits will use with their discretion, are initially made up of short sentences of introduction to end in a collection of coded which will end up putting all our small beasts of agreement. Luminous choreography will complete the table, also retransmitted on large screen in bottom of scene.

The result will depend on testable simulations with the small program which is manufacturing Antoine…
I deliver below the first official statement sent to the press:

Nabaz' mob, opera for 100 communicating rabbits of Antoine Schmitt and Jean-Jacques Birgé

Coproduction Web Flash Festival and Purple (creators of the Nabaztag rabbit) An original initiative of Guylaine Monnier

Answering the Purple call of the company, 100 Nabaztag rabbits brought by their respective owners give each other appointment, in the spirit of the flashmobs, on the scene of the Center Pompidou to interpret, all together, an opera especially composed for the occasion by Antoine Schmitt and Jean-Jacques Birgé.

Convening John Cage, Steve Reich and Conlon Nancarrow, this open musical and choreographic partition in three movements, transmitted by wifi, exploits the tension between communion of the unit and individual behavior to create an at the same time strong and engaged work.

On May 27, 2006 with 20h
in the Center George Pompidou (Paris)
Evening of opening Flash Festival
(free entry within the limit of the places available)

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