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April 25, 2006



Park and Write

"Tried to recite poetry to induce sleep — often helps. Head like a seive though, all this wandering the country in the last year under such extreme conditions seems to have emptied my head of past knowledge. As if survival demands a new skill set, and the brain clearing space for new information. What you used to know no longer necessary, the past overwritten. Although can't quite believe that of poetry, poetry is always necessary. Recalled fragments in the end, but whole poems I used to know well eluded me. And that saddened me as much as anything else has recently. Tried really hard to take the focus off my freezing nose and growing stiffness and despondency and remember Yeat's 'Song of Wandering Angus', which is my favourite Yeat's poem — seemed apt too, given title of my blog, and living here in a car in the woods, and the content of the poem." From WanderingScribe; also see Park and Write, BBC News.

Posted by jo at April 25, 2006 08:00 AM