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April 19, 2006

Attention Please!


An Attention Seeking Video Installation

Artist Sara Smith and technology partner Kisky Netmedia are creating Attention Please! An Experiment - attention seeking video designed to measure attention.

Is it possible to measure our impact on space and on art? The attention Please! experiment attempts to answer this question using RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology. Audience members, visitors, participants, and collaborators pay attention with their an Attention Card to a piece of video. If you pay more attention, does it work harder to keep it? Other videos may feel neglected and try to attract your attention away; your attention is valuable after all.

Its focus is on manipulating the relationships between art, technology and audience, within and outside of a gallery environment. The concept centres on Sara's aim to explore the notion of presence, aura, and attention and uses emerging and everyday technologies to reveal some of these subliminal and emotional notions.

We live in a world where many services, products and people are continually competing for our attention. Each day our attention is attracted and divided; what to wear, where to eat lunch, where and how to party the night away. We are faced with images, stories, emotions all around us, on billboards, radios, and TV screens. Can our attention be turned within a gallery? What happens if we pay attention to some art more than other art? Will it know? Does it matter? It does now!

The experiment asks nothing more than for you, the audience to give your attention. Pay attention at The Box, FACT, 88 Wood Street, Liverpool, L1 4DQ. 03 & 04 May 2pm - 6pm.

Attention Please! An Experiment is a research project supported through ITEM, the Foundation for Art and Creative Technology¹s research and development programme for new media tools. ITEM is supported by NESTA and Arts Council England.

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