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March 14, 2006



A Day in the Life of a Defective Relationship

VIDEOBOXING @ STRP Festival, Saturday March 25th Eindhoven, Netherlands:

VIDEOBOXING is a multidisciplinary videoperformance where film, new media, music, performance art, fashion, choreography and physical violence blend together on stage. The starting point of VIDEOBOXING is a collection of audio fragments from numerous arguing, fighting lovers and ex-lovers taken from the rich archives of film and television. They all display SXNDRX's main theme: the eternal struggle between man and woman.

One stage, two boxers, two screens. The screens show images of two people, a man and a woman. Fast asleep, each on his and hers own screen, literally divided. This peaceful image won't last long though. When the boxing match starts, the man and woman come to life on their screens to take it out on each other verbally. Slowly the audience realizes the connection between the boxers and the bickering couple on the screens. The boxers are this man and woman themselves.

With every succesful blow, irritation and tension rises on screen. Every well placed hit decides the intensity of the verbal violence between the two. They argue about anything and, more importantly, anywhere: in bed, on the streets, in a restaurant. Untill the inability to communicate leads to the imminent physical and emotional knock-out. Man and woman: sparringpartners for the endurance of the match, a match with no clear winner or loser. Untill the next confrontation arises.

Also on SXNDRX's Schedule:

VERSCH, organised by Beyond Expression!--March 31, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

FIGHT will be performed at the Sensoralia Festival--April 1, Rome, Italy.

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