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March 14, 2006

Networked Choreography - ii


Web 2.0 and Hyperchoreography's Conceptual Promise

"In a networked environment where all links are revealed and 'new' links can added by users, multi directional - two way connection enhance the perception of intertexts. No longer must the author use chance procedures to disrupt their unconscious constructions of meaning, the provision of a mechanism to explore, expand and visualise the intertexts of their authored text performs the same function.

But we can go further ... I suggest we can best preserve the Dasein of 'filmed' motion by presenting it 'as is' - multiple representations reveal no more than a detailed examination of a single artefact. The intertwingularity of content on sites such as flickr is enhanced by user annotation, tagging and clustering. The audience is left navigate the interpretive space from their own perspective whilst divergent contexts are offered for further exploration.

By leveraging the developments of Web2.0 hyperchoreography can achieve it's conceptual promise. Users would upload video files of dance to a central server and annotate the files with relevant meta data and tags. each video would be converted into a common format and time code segmented to allow multiple points of entry." From networked choreography - ii on Splines in Space.

Posted by jo at March 14, 2006 05:22 PM