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January 31, 2006



Hypertext as a Means for Structuring Digital Dance

"Introduction: In order to produce a dance piece the choreographer must first create a movement vocabulary. Once this selection of movements has been generated, the issue of how to configure the action arises. If the choreographer chooses to move away from the much tried and tested structural forms, what other possibilities exist for these artists?

As we embrace the twenty-first century, the age of interdisciplinary arts, we can see new structuring mechanisms occurring when art forms relate. In this study I will be looking specifically at the blending of literary theory and dance composition, to identify whether the relatively new idea of hypertext, a system for structuring text in a non-linear, interactive form, can credibly be utilised as a means of structuring digital dance. My research which shall employ both print media and hypermedia, in the form of online articles and hypertext systems, will be led by the questions that I have encountered throughout my own investigative process and that of others." From Hypertext as a Structuring System Within a Digital Choreographic Context, by Charlotte Miles, University College Chichester, May 2005. [via Hyperchoreography]

Posted by jo at January 31, 2006 09:49 AM