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January 30, 2006

Types and Challenges of Motion Tracking Systems

Matt Gough in his Splines in Space blog has two entries about the motion tracking and capture system he uses for his dance research and composition - Motion Capture (Dance) and Noodle Dance.

Matt describes the different types of motion tracking technology (Magnetic, Gyroscopic and Optical) and points out the challenges of tracking large numbers of discrete body movements. Ideally, he'd like to have a dancer outfitted with 100 plus markers and more computer power to process results in real-time.

An image that displays results of 1:41 minutes of motion tracking - "The Noodle Dance":


Using a passive optical motion tracking system with markers that are placed on the dancer's hands and body:


This area of motion tracking systems and dance movement - both for research and performance - is an area I plan to do a lot more interviews about both for my audio podcasts and upcoming publication. [blogged by Doug Fox on Great Dance]

See Motion Capture by Maureen Furniss and mocap notes ii.

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