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October 12, 2005

Sold Out


DiY Survival

For four days in Shoreditch c6 present SOLD OUT a series of lectures, art works and live events, in a shop-front showcase of challenging, innovative interactive art. Each day sees a different exhibit installed into the gallery accompanied by a presentation from the artists and an evening program of music and visuals.

C6 return to London bringing with them Want & Need, currently touring Europe, their latest software release Echo, as well as the launch of the “DiY Survival” Handbook. A program of daily events sees collaborations, exhibits and shows by friends C6 have made upon their travels. C6 create participatory art in multiple arenas, often linking the street (graffiti, stencils) with the web using mobile phones and portable devices, software art and innovative marketing strategies of media intervention to reach new audiences and communities.

Whether you drop in to use the wireless network, play with the sms art works, watch the bands, collect your free copy of “DiY survival”, listen to the web radio or do all of the above. SOLD OUT promises to be a show that no one should miss.

Posted by jo at October 12, 2005 11:26 AM