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August 23, 2005



By the Way

In their performance By the Way GilbertandGrape park their Volvo Amazon alongside café’s, galleries and car parks, put up a fake sunset and place a stuffed moose in front. They invite people into the car to choose a nostalgic song to listen too whilst watching the fake sun set. They make a fictional frame from a cliche and within this generate texts and exchange information together with the audience. GilbertandGrape re-present the cliché elg I solnedgang (moose in sunset) and ask what kind of relation do we have to it in contemporary rhetoric?

26 August: Talk Blog as public space. Introduction to performance By the Way; Kl 19:00 Atelier Nord, Oslo, Lakkegate 55 D. www.anart.no

27 August: Performance By the way in collaboration with Atelier Nord. KL 20:00-22:00. Kuba Pavilion, Fyrhuset ved Maridalsveien 19.Oslo

29 August: Talk Networks for performance artists/Introduction to Taoh residency in Stavanger. Video Lone Ranging Romance. UKS Oslo, Kl 19:00 Lakkegata 55 C.

02-03 September: Performance By the way at Kunstbanken Hamar, performance weekend, Hedmark, Kl 14:00-16:00, KUNSTBANKEN - Hedmark Kunst senter - Parkgt. 21, Hamar.

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