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August 03, 2005



Audio Visions


INTERACTIVE FUTURES is a forum for showing recent tendencies in new media art as well as a conference for exploring issues related to technology. The theme of this year's event is Audio Visions. IF06 will explore new forms of audio-based media art from a diverse body of artists, theorists, and sound practitioners. Sound poetry, web-based audio and multimedia, mobile audio performance, new forms of music theatre, synaesthetic performance, hybrid forms, sound-based installation, video and sound, and environmental sound are all of interest to Audio Visions.

The proliferation of audio technologies, audio-visual collaboration, and hybrid forms of live performance in the new millennium is striking. Audio artists are exploring the areas of mobility, virtuality, performance, and audience interaction from an experimental point-of-view. Audio Visions invites scholars, sound-artists, and performers of all stripes to submit paper, panel, performance or installation proposals in one of the three following categories.

1. "Sound and Vision" lecture and panel series - Scholars, artists, and practitioners working in audio or audio-visual-based new media are encouraged to submit proposals for IF06. We are interested in a broad range of audio including: computational, interactive or generative audio; the creation of digital audio tools; synchronization between sound and visuals; performative art that explores language, voice and body; streaming radio and mobile sound works. Presentations should be, in part, demonstrative. We recognize that sound art is evolving and that categories have become increasingly irrelevant - we encourage proposals that push the boundaries of the traditional conference paper.

2. "Earshot" performance series: "Earshot" is seeking experimental audio-based performances that challenge assumptions about audio forms and performance conventions. Avant-garde, post-avant-garde, techno, electro-acoustic, synaesthetic production, liminal art and hybrid performance are all within our desired range. "Earshot" is primarily interested in new types of electronic audio-visual performance as well as models for audience participation in sound works. "Earshot" will run performances at Open Space for each night of IF06.

3. "Tangible Frequencies" installations. We are interested in audio installation works that consider site, space, vision, volume and perception and how physical location 'matters' to the reception of audio frequencies. IF06 has identified areas within Open Space Gallery to function as controlled locations for sound installations.* We welcome proposals that respond to the particular characteristics of these locations through their acknowledgement of private and/or public space and use. Installations may provide audio continuity to the existing locations, or respond as intervention and critique.

INTERACTIVE FUTURES is part of the Victoria Independent Film and Video Festival and applicants are encouraged to check the Festival website for more information on the broader program.


Greg Hermanovic of Derivative software is a visionary software-engineer involved in the creation of real-time visual tools. In 2003 he received an Academy Award for the pioneering of modeling in the film industry with PRISMS and Houdini. Greg coordinated the realtime animation at SIGGRAPH 98's Interactive Dance Club, and directed special effects for Michael Snow's Corpus Callosum. Derivatives Touch software, a range of tactile interfaces, brings advanced realtime animation tools to a diverse cross-section of artists, including Richie Hawtin and Rush. Greg will perform live visuals with Toronto-based DJ Tom Kuo.

Tom Kuo uses a grounding in techno to pursue a varied range of precise electronic strains. Tom was recently named one of Toronto's Top Ten DJs by NOW magazine.

Atau Tanaka is known for his work in interactive music, including performances with biosignal gesture systems. He has conducted research at IRCAM in Paris and was Artistic Ambassador of Apple Computer Europe. His work with sensor-based musical instruments and network audio installations have received prizes and support from Ars Electronica, the Fraunhofer Institute, the Japan Foundation, and the Daniel Langlois Foundation. His current research at Sony CSL Paris focuses on harnessing collective musical creativity on mobile devices.

J=FCrg Gutknecht is a computer scientist with a passion for new hybrid art forms. He has actively participated in culturally-oriented "wearable computing" projects, including "Instant Gain in Grace" (motion tracking of a Butoh dancer), "Going Publik" (distributed orchestra based on mobile electronic scoring), and "On the Sixth Day" (multi-channel video system for interactive storytelling). Together with Sound Artist, Art Clay, he organizes the Digital Art Weeks which offers performances and provides courses in the areas of computer-aided art and music.

Art Clay is a specialist in the performance of self-created works with the use of inter-media, and has appeared at international festivals. Recently, his work has focused on large-scale performative music-theater works and public art spectacles using mobile devices.

Jim Andrews publishes vispo.com. It is the centre of his work as a visual poet, audio artist, programmer, and critic. His work in interactive audio and word-based web media has been published and shown widely in such venues as turbulence.org, rhizome.org, and the trAce Online Writing Centre.


INTERACTIVE FUTURES is interested in artistic and theoretical work that relates to audio performance, production and hybrid forms.

Papers, Panels, and Presentations can include DVDs, audio CDs, video tapes, games, web-sites, etc. and should be 45-minutes in length. Proposed artwork for exhibition may take the form of performances ("Earshot"), installations ("Tangible Frequencies"), or audio-related screenings ("Earshot" or "Tangible Frequencies"). Applications should not exceed 500 words. Applicants should indicate one of the three festival categories in the subject of the message. Please include a 200 word max bio. All proposals must be submitted in text only format either as an attachment or within the body of the email message. Please present examples of your work as a URL to a web-site. If your presentation requires specific technologies please describe your needs in detail.

Proposals should be submitted electronically to ONE of the following persons:

"Sound and Vision" lecture and panel series - Randy Adams runran@runran.net
"Earshot" performance series - Steve Gibson sgibson@finearts.uvic.ca
"Tangible Frequencies" installations - Julie Andreyev lic@telus.net


Open Space has the following areas available to install sound installations:

Parallel gallery (opens onto the street)
Bathrooms (2)
Back Stairs (opens onto the back alley)
Main gallery (low volume or headphones only)

A floor plan for Open Space can be downloaded at

Please indicate a preference for one of the above areas in your proposal. Artists should keep in mind that Open Space is a shared space and therefore low volume will be required. Other venues may be organized by special arrangement if louder volume is required.


INTERACTIVE FUTURES does not have funding for travel or accommodation. Presenters and artists are expected to apply for travel funding from their home institutions and/or granting bodies. INTERACTIVE FUTURES is applying for funding for performance and installation artists exhibiting at Open Space. If this funding is obtained, performance and installation artists will receive a modest fee according to CARFAC (http://www.carfac.ca/) regulations.

All presenters and artists will be given a pass to all INTERACTIVE FUTURES events and will have access to the Hospitality Suite at the Festival hotel (food and drinks). All presenters and artists will be eligible for the conference rate at Festival Hotels (between $40-110 per night).

DEADLINE FOR ALL PROPOSALS: Friday, September 23, 2005.

Notification of acceptance of proposals will be sent out on or before October 7, 2005.


Laurel Point Inn--Presentations

The following equipment will be made available for all presenters:

Mac computer with Monitor, keyboard, DVD/CD-ROM drive.
Data/Video Projector.
VHS Player.
Sound system with amp and two speakers.
Wireless high-speed internet access.

Open Space--Performances and Installations

The following equipment is available for artists at Open Space. Artists should be aware that equipment will have to be shared and therefore should not propose to use all of the below devices simultaneously. Installations and performances should be easy to set-up and take down. Wherever possible artists should apply their own technology.

2 Data/Video Projectors.
VHS Player.
DVD Player.
3-4 Macintosh computers.
Sound system with amp, 16-channel mixing board, mics, and four speakers.
Cable modem internet connection.

For a full list of resources available at Open Space go to: http://www.openspace.ca/space/resources.htm


Victoria Independent Film and Video Festival Director: Kathy Kay director@vifvf.com

INTERACTIVE FUTURES Co-Curators: Steve Gibson sgibson@finearts.uvic.ca; Julie Andreyev lic@telus.net

INTERACTIVE FUTURES Paper Editor: Randy Adams runran@runran.net

OPEN SPACE New Music: Tina Pearson newmusic@openspace.ca

Victoria Independent Film and Video Festival
Co-sponsored by Open Space Artist-Run Centre
Parallel event Digital Art Weeks, Summer 2006, Swiss Federal Institute
of Technology

Conference hotel - Laurel Point Inn

Victoria Independent Film and Video Festival:
Mailing Address - PO Box 8419, Victoria, BC, V8W3S1, Canada.
Office Address - 808 View Street, Victoria, BC, V8W1K2, Canada.
Tel: (250)389.0444. Fax: (250)389.0406. E mail: festival@vifvf.com

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