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June 02, 2005



The Art of Silence

Netzfunk, a group of people working on the art of silence, is producing a soft technologies workshop in Santiago, Chile, through the end of June,for the aesthetic post-graduate program of the University of Chile. The main goal of this workshop is to transgress the apolitical view that holds sway over technological objects, altering its functional profit context to a political discursivness.

This course is divided into three practical projects, that will end with a performance in real time, where GPS and a software written on PHP for such instruments, will be used that will allow one to extend 'the' point of location on a radio to 25 meters. Additionally, the GPS will be able to download files in different digital formats (audio, text, video and images), that will match with the documents and statements obtained by the collective, which have been previously compiled. This action will be realized from three different locations in the city of Santiago. Such a piece will be the _first_ contemporary artistic work to be performed in Chile under Creative Commons license, from which it will be expected that an official launching will follow. [by Ignacio Nieto via net art review]

Posted by jo at June 2, 2005 07:41 AM