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March 21, 2005

W.icked W.orld W.ithin


Mixed Realities

Participation lies at the heart of this extraordinary work, offering spectators a rare chance to watch in close proximity to the dancers. Every show is unique and the on-stage audience gets the chance to influence how the piece evolves using special interactive touch pads in the floor.

Inspired by one of the most complex systems supporting human life – the immune system - W.icked W.orld W.ithin, by Ijad Dance Company, is a captivating new dance installation that celebrates and questions the body’s internal logic in its reaction to affliction. Investigating the role of consciousness and memory in the body’s will to survive; what it chooses to accept; what it fights to reject, w.icked w.orld w.ithin [www] is insightful and revelatory.

w.icked w.orld w.ithin is a synthesis of movement and image brought about through collaboration between the fields of choreography, design, digital technology, bio-science, microscopy and projection.

Presented within a specially conceived, adaptable hemispherical set that houses a dynamic visual environment and performed by a company of seven dancers, the production allows technology and artists to interact. This interactive sphere, where body motion, responsive technology and science recreate the fascinating inner world of the human body, promises audiences an evening of rich, sensory experiences; of movement that is both vital and joyous and sensation that is both virtual and real.

IJAD: Contemporary dance with media technology. Founded in 1995 by Joumana Mourad, IJAD Dance Company develops innovative and dynamic concepts within dance, moving with the times and developing work where there are no limits between dance, space, film and technology. The results are highly defined signature performances, the originality of which challenges audiences’ expectations of dance presentation.

Joumana holds a Diploma in Dance Studies from the Laban Centre for Movement and Dance and an MA in Dance and Choreography from Middlesex University. To date, Joumana has created 6 productions for IJAD as well as choreographing for Jumeira Productions, Piedo Dance Company USA, Polite Company, the National Youth Music Theatre Company and US advertising agency Big Photographic.

Joumana has taught contemporary, jazz and creative movement classes at Lewisham College, Living Well Health Clubs and various schools and community centres throughout London. She is also a filmmaker who has created two short films, A Point of No Return and most recently, A Blind Eye Turned, which was filmed entirely underwater in the Lebanon. A Blind Eye Turned, which forms part of IJAD’s production Pas de CinQ, was screened as part of Dance on Screen Festival at The Place Theatre, London in November 1999. She is currently engaged in leading a Dance Advance dance and technology workshop at essexdance on 27th March 2004.

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