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February 09, 2005

Excellent video dance in Tokyo:


Asami Tachibana and Yoji Toyosaki

Asami Tachibana's "Women who never gather in group" was excellent video dance in Japan. Asami Tachibana studied dance at Annex Sengawa Factory with Miyako Kato in Tokyo. Kato was a talented choreographer of modern and post modern dance. Thus, Tachibana is also influenced by Japanese modern dance and contemporary dance. She also studied dance in Belgium.

In the video dance, they mixed red Japanese female dancer's body and their expressive motion. Video image directed dancers' movement softly. In particular, Mariko Konno, who is one of the star dancers in Japanese Dance World, performed sharply and elegantly Ayaka Azechi, a daughter of Miyako Kato, also danced in this piece. Azechi performs at Tokyo in her own concept, "body installation" these years.

A video artist, Yoji Toyosaki, has worked with dancers and musicians for years. Some parts of images, for example, scales of objects, remind Japanese traditional art to the audience. Just as an effect of sliding projector, the images changed one by one in the stage. [posted by Yukihiko YOSHIDA]

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