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November 28, 2004

Todd Winkler


Motion, Mapping, and Music

Todd Winkler is a composer and multimedia artist on the faculty at Brown University, where he is Director of MacColl Studio for Electronic Music and Chair of the Music Department. His work explores ways in which human actions can affect sound and images produced by computers in dance productions, interactive video installations, and concert pieces for computers and instruments. He is the author of Composing Interactive Music, a book and CD-ROM about the theory and technology of interactive music and performance, published by MIT Press. Winkler has also authored numerous papers.

His recent work uses motion sensing devices to allow dancers creative input into computer music and digital video systems. These dance productions include: Dark Around the Edges, with Walter Ferrero, presented at Carriage House Theater, Providence, Rhode Island; Songs for the Body Electric, with Gerry Girouard, presented in Minneapolis at Intermedia Arts, and at the International Dance and Technology Conference in Tempe, Arizona; Hitch's Bitches, with Cindy Cummings, at the Project Theatre in Dublin, Ireland and the Yale University Multimedia Festival; and Falling Up, with Cindy Cummings, a commission from the Dublin Fringe Festival.

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