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August 18, 2004

neuroTransmitter [nT]


Through the Membrane

Founded in 2001, nT is a radio collaborative utilizing analog communication technologies. Working specifically with radio machinations, neuroTransmitter propels signals through urban membranes and cellular formations. To complement their fixed and mobile frequency performances, nT creates radio-sonic installations, produces music, and converts utilitarian objects into radio transmission and receiving devices. Projects include:

PUBLIC_RADIO connects the newspaper dispenser with the airwaves altering public expectation and engagement with the dispensing object. From July 20-21, 2002 as part of the Dispensing with Formalities series, a live radio transmission was performed and broadcasted in the vicinity of public_radio.

com_muni_port--is a portable radio broadcast unit--consists of an FM transmitter, CD player, microphone, headphones and multi-channel mixer, all powered by a battery pack. Its portability renders its use within political rallies and marches, by mapping audio frequency within a city, and spontaneous interviewing and broadcasting. com_muni_port has myriad communicatory and interventionary functions, all in one unit.

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