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August 11, 2004

a mobile phone reporting tool



It's a new mobile phone reporting tool that Brooke Singer and Jamie Schulte of The SWIPE Toolkit fame will be launching in time for the Republican National Convention. If you'll be in NYC for the RNC, please consider joining the first ever Moport (a.k.a. MObile phone rePORT). 15,000 media representatives will be in attendance, but Singer and Schulte don't think they can necessarily handle the job--especially with 250,000 protesters expected to join the fun. If you are unable to participate, stay tuned and watch the RNC Moport unfold online starting August 30th. And, most importantly, help spread the word and recruit Moporters! For this first run, they're taking a "more the merrier" approach (or merry until their server comes to a screeching halt...).

About MOPORT.org:

MOPORT.org is a free service for generating and sharing mobile phone reports. This site allows people to collectively report about important events in real-time using mobile phones.

Features of a MOPORT:
• Enables Group Reporting using Cellphone Cameras or Digital Cameras and Email
• Instantly Updates when New Submissions Arrive
• Integrates News Feeds from Major Media Sources for a Quick Comparison of Event Coverage
• Sorts Images by Keywords that are Pre-defined and Dynamically Creates New Keywords Based on MOPORTER Submissions
• Sorts Images by MOPORTERS (Identities are Anonymous) for Individual Perspective and Commentary
• Accepts Submissions and Updates for Duration of Event and Later Archived on MOPORT.org for Viewing Purposes Only

How do I join: http://www.moport.org/f_equipment.html
What equipment do I need: http://www.moport.org/f_equipment.html
Why did you build this: http://www.moport.org/about.html
Demo of a Moport in progress: coming soon to http://www.moport.org/active.html

Posted by newradio at August 11, 2004 10:12 AM