To use this application, you will need a good quality digital image of your driver's license 2D barcode. Follow the directions below to make a useable image. Next click "Choose File" to select this image from your local drive. Finally click "Submit" and the results will appear in your browser window. Be patient; decoding can take anywhere from 10 to 120 seconds.

It is as simple as that!

How to Create a Good Image of Your 2D Barcode
To ensure that we can successfully decode your image, please follow these guidelines:
  • The image must be a color GIF file or a very high quality JPEG without compression artifacts.
  • Maximum file size is 2MB. The image should be roughly 500k to 1.5MB.
  • The barcode should be from 900-1500 pixels wide.
  • The image must be in sharp focus with high contrast.


File to upload:

If you experience any problems or have questions about this application, please contact us.