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The Urban Postcards Digital Post Office
IT'S EASY! Follow the link below to send or pick up your postcard.
To pick up a postcard, make sure you have your claim check number handy and click the READ option on the page.
To send an Urban Postcard, click the WRITE option which takes you to a form where you can create your own postcard, choosing among images of urban street life.

If you want your postcard to be truly Urban, choose Black as your background color, and use Light text. Don't use a color or pattern for your background.

Send a narrative of urban street life... add your own images and stories.

Remember, the true Urban Postcard is not picture-perfect, but is an image of vitality, disorder and complextity.

Fill in the address, message and send it off. Your friends or family will receive a email notice that your Urban Postcard is waiting for pick up.

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