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"The City is an addictive machine from which there is no escape." Rem Koolhaus in Delerious New York.
In Pedestrian: Walking as Meditation and the Lure of Everyday Objects, a walk through the City becomes the trigger of a rambling meditation on space, time and the urban environment seen through chance encounters with evocative objects. It provides an occasion to examine the hidden meanings of the ordinary. Comments?
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Realms is an artwork for the Web in which the material and metaphysical resonance of urban landscape evoked in a passage through subterranea, the streets and rooftops. Disintegration/Reconstruction presents a vision of the dissolving city in a series of still images. Evanescent forms reflect the discontinuity, devastation and rupture of the urban environment. Night Light is a series of images which examine the constructed environment and a distorted world of exaggerated and unnatural color, reflected light, and fragments of illuminated signage.