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Podcast 24 Available: Overwhelmed

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Wow. M

Wow. M

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Even more drawing j

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That swan is gorgeous! M

That swan is gorgeous! M

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More drawing j

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Drawing 4 sarahs invite j

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IN Network Sleep Webcast

IN Network Sleep Webcast
Michael Mandiberg and Julia S.

From their bedtime at 11PM in Los Angeles, and 2AM in New York, until they wake eight hours later, the artists Michael Mandiberg and Julia S. will sleep together on the phone. Separated by three time zones and 3000 miles, they curl up in the same sonic space. Connected via cell phone, they will hear the sound of each other breathing, tossing and turning, snoring, etc. This audio will be webcast real-time as they sleep.

This sleep webcast is part of IN Network their month long extended cell phone life-art performance about distance, communication, intimacy, telepresence, and living together while apart. In August 2004 Michael moved to New York; Julia remained in Los Angeles, postponing her move until the end of April because of commitments to her job and her collaborative art practice. Faced with most of a year apart, one of the things they did was switch both of their cell phones to a provider with free "IN Network" service.

Michael and Julia started out having normal conversations, giving each other updates about their days, and sending cameraphone pictures back and forth, etc. As they switched to using hands-free microphones, they began using the phone differently. What began as a pragmatic attempt to make their relationship last the separation through good communication, turned into something less about communication and more about intimacy and presence through technology, and sharing sonic-virtual space.

During the month of March the artists are presenting this cell-phone life-art performance via a Photo Moblog and Podcast on In addition to these webcasts, the IN Network site will hosts a Podcast of recordings of their phone conversations, and all of their text and picture messages. The schedule of sleep webcasts is below.

IN Network Sleep Webcast Schedule:
Tuesday, April 15th, roughly 11PM PST to Wednesday, April 16th, roughly 7:30AM PST
Wednesday, April 16th, roughly 9PM PST to Thurs, April 17th, roughly 5:30AM PST
Tuesday, April 22nd, roughly 11PM PST to Wednesday, April 23rd, roughly 7:30AM PST
Wednesday, April 23rd, roughly 9PM PST to Thurs, April 24th, roughly 5:30AM PST

IN Network Sleep Webcast:

Free Real Player (Required for webcast):

IN Network Website

IN Network Podcast (RSS 2.0 Feed)

Contact Info
juliasteinmetz -at- yahoo -dot- com
michael -at- mandiberg -dot- com

IN Network is a 2005 commission of New Radio and Performing Arts, (aka Ether-Ore) for its Turbulence web site. It was made possible with funding from the Jerome Foundation.

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Podcast 23 Available: Student Loans, Lungs, Doggies and Tigers

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Soapy dirty bathwater. M

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I hate la j

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Tryng 2 get out of

Tryng 2 get out of here. Wl cl on way 2 schl in 30. Lv v. M

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Jst wk up j