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I must have a copy of this! J

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Michelle's puppy j

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Cathy smoking in the kitchen j

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going 2 bed now. Feel

going 2 bed now. Feel a bit less sick. But maybe that is because i beat off. Smile. Nitey-nite. M.

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A piece of sky for you love j

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Heather's entertaining yoga outfit -j

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plane reservation for april

here is my rsvtn for april. i get in late on saturday. i have to be back in nyc by tues may 3rd. this should be enough time to usher you and all of your worldly possessions accross the country, no?

captain snot and phlegm


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Sat 23 APR 05 219 New York, JFK 5:20pm 0
Long Beach, CA 8:35pm

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Podcast 7 Available: Long Talk (2 hrs 8 mins)

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sunday morning

hi baby

sorry you are stuck at the csi open house

events like that are always so awful

i am hope listening to rufus and martha mainwright and cleaning house

i had a fantastic evening yesterday

hung out with the toxic titties at jennifer's house after our thai massages (which are so crazy! have you had this kind? it is like a workout. the massage therapist was walking and crawling on top of me. they use walkers to help control how much weight they are putting on you. anyway very good for my back post car accident). Anyhow, because jennifer is jennifer we had excellent snacks including these french wafer cookies that all had different phrases embossed on them. My favorite one to eat simply said "rire." I like the idea of eating laughter. we also had this amazing slovenian tea. it was really incredible.

then we went back to heather and clover's house and had dinner and watched the lars von trier film where he assigns his former teacher to remake his own film from 1967 called The Perfect Human five times with various restrictions and limitations. Have you seen this? It was actually surprisingly interesting as a kind of formal exercise. Though they are both unbelievably sexist. And the whole thing was very danish.

I am off to yoga in a couple of hours. Wish you could come.

loving you and missing you

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Wow that does not look

Wow that does not look like fun im home cleaning then off 2 yoga xo j

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At csi open house, will call l8r