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Podcast 6 available: Havent talked all day

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on the bus in santa ana -j

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Dinner w kevin

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And adam

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hi baby

you probably won't get this until tonight

i am in class, but my students are in a lab session so
i am writing this. only 6 of them came to class today.

i had no idea you were getting an mri today. such a
crazy machine. i feel like it is one of the more
cinematic medical devices. the sort of test one has
done in films, that serves as a turning point in a
drama of illness.

i am missing you lots today. it's funny, i think doing
this project makes me hyper aware of the times when i
_don't_ get to talk to you.

i wish i could be there to help you move in to our new
apt. it is strange looking at photos of this empty
place that we will both be inhabiting soon. anyhow i
am glad charles is there to help out tomorrow.

i'm going to try and hang out with xtine after work

call me after the film is out.

say hi to sherry and ernie for me

missing you

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view from my lunch time nap -j

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I was in this 4 1hr! In superman position on my belly 2 scan my wrist. It was so loud, and my whole arm and both shoulders went totly numb: I cldnt open the door 2 get out. Btr now. Off 2 strg unit 2 mv some stuf in. Hope class is gd. M