There are certain things that delight our body even while causing it a sort of pain, such as turning over in bed and changing sides well before that side is tired and constantly changing positions to cool off...Hence, men go on pointless trips and wander about faraway shores; fickle, never satisfied with the present, they try land one minute, the sea the next. They go on one trip after another from one spectacle to the next.



At high speed the digital racer on his path runs into the sage preaching imaging power as the only limit to speed. For both, stationary position is the point of acceleration.

You will learn to travel in time and space in stillness.You will appreciate the highest frequencies, from your body-internally to the City-externally; vibrations become finer and finer with an instantaneous transfer of energy. In emptiness you are open and closed simultaneously, ubiquitous in the world.

--Angie Eng, 1999

Site by Angie Eng. Sound by Angie Eng and Brian Moran.

Empty Velocity is a 1999 commission of New Radio and Performing Arts, Inc. of Staten Island for its Turbulence site. With funding from the Jerome Foundation.

Special Thanks to: Helen Thorington, Brian Moran,Vlasta Volcano, Eleanor Yung, Tana Interactive, Asian American Art Center and Julie Eng.


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